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Emerging Photovoltaic Materials. Silicon &Amp; Beyond

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This book covers the recent advances in photovoltaics materials and their innovative applications

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  • It includes organic and perovskite solar cells, photovoltaics in ferroelectric materials, organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite, materials with improved photovoltaic efficiencies as well as the full range of semiconductor materials for solar-to-electricity conversion, from crystalline silicon and amorphous silicon to cadmium telluride, copper indium gallium sulfide selenides, dye sensitized solar cells, organic solar cells, and environmentally-friendly copper zinc tin sulfide selenides.

    Many materials science problems are encountered in understanding existing solar cells and the development of more efficient, less costly, and more stable cells

    This important and timely book provides a historical overview, but concentrates primarily on the exciting developments in the last decade

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